Friday, January 26, 2007

Intro :
Modern day society is driven by the reflection of itself. The many facets of the self include ego, wealth and most importantly religion. Since the age of Atlantis and Mu, man has followed a belief system, clearly visible in the description of a god like figure in Plato's writings. This belief system has branched into many forms, but from this evidence alone, it is not clear whether the source was singular or plural. This difference between a Buddhist and religious follower, does not take into account the existence of the life after death phenomenon. It is true that many of todays religions do have a high order of diversity, and as can be expected, there are extreme points of view amongst some of these. I believe the idea of an afterlife, to be more important than these factors. And it is my opinion that any mention of an afterlife, would directly imply the necessity for reincarnation.

Considering this information, it would seem that man has neglected to see what he is most driven by. It can be refered to as the 'Animal Farm' syndrome, or more directly, the struggle to be better than another. What i am talking about here, is that whatever the religion, the argument over who has the most reincarnations would seem to be more relevant. Hence I have developed a strategy to overcome mans future ambition to think like me. This strategy is a two phase solution which im sure you will find very interesting.

When judging another person :
Stage 1 :
If they dont know how many reincarnations they have,
Tell them you know how many you have,
And that its more than there's.
(And that you are therefore better than them)

Stage 2 :
If they are a Spiritualist,
And know how many reincarnations they have,
Accept defeat!

Or there is an alternative strategy, which for obvious reasons, should only be used in the most extreme of situtions.

Quickly sell your Reincarnation's Soul's and Personalities,
Then tell them your straight from the source.
(And that you are therefore better than them)

Conclusion :
To be honest I have never had to resort to the secondary plan of phase two, but im quite sure there may well be a use for this type of bilateral thinking. To respect the many faiths of the world at large, this type of thought process could at least distract the attention of a religious conflict, long enough to resolve the crisis. When there is no solution lateral thinking is often all that is left.